Cabinet to discuss Greece's nat'l recovery plan on March 29. prelude to approval by Commission

Thursday, 18 March 2021 15:53
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Greece’s post-Covid-19 recovery plan will dominate deliberations at a closely watched March 29 Cabinet meeting this week, as the Mitsotakis government is struggling with a surging “second wave” of the pandemic in tandem with accumulated economic repercussions from months of a “lockdown” and last year’s anemic tourism season.

The next steps in the government’s handling of the pandemic and accompanying repercussions have been at the forefront of discussions between Athens and the EU Commission.

With the Cabinet’s (wholly expected) approval, the plan will be publicized and conveyed to Parliament for debate. With ratification by Parliament the plan will then be sent to Brussels for final approval.

The Mitsotakis government wants to be among the first EU countries that will submit a national recovery plan, thereby receiving a preliminary payment – at 13 percent of the total allocation – of the budgeted recovery plan.

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