Greek govt to recommend renewal of current central banker Yannis Stournaras' tenure

Tuesday, 12 May 2020 12:37
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The Greek government on Tuesday announced that it will recommend a renewal of current Bank of Greece (BoG) Gov. Yannis Stournaras tenure as head of the country’s central bank.

A brief statement by the government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, merely noted that the government will propose the renewal, taking into account the BoG’s autonomy and charter.

Stournaras, a former finance minister in a coalition government that oversaw most of the second memorandum bailout, has been the BoG governor since June 2014.

His relations with the subsequent leftist SYRIZA government between 2015 and 2019 were always frigid, with some ministers of the then Tsipras cabinet openly hostile to Stournaras. Former PM Alexis Tsipras had also reportedly promised party cadres to force Stournaras resignation once the radical leftist party assumed power.

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