World's newest cruise ship, Sky Princess, in Piraeus this week

Monday, 21 October 2019 23:10

Από αριστερά, ο Γιάννης Ευσταθίου-Inchcape Shipping Services, ο πλοίαρχος Cpt. Heikki Laakkonen, ο Jeffrey Matthew Cohen-Manager Port Operations της Holland America Group, η Θεοδώρα Ρήγα-Manager Στρατηγικού Σχεδιασμού & Μάρκετινγκ ΟΛΠ Α.Ε., ο Χρήστος Μακριαλέας-γενικός διευθυντής Inchcape Shipping Services, ο Δημήτρης Αγραπίδης-Deputy Manager Τμήματος Κρουαζιέρας & Ακτοπλοΐας ΟΛΠ Α.Ε.  και ο Αντώνης Καλούδης Αντώνης από την Ένωση Εφοπλιστών Κρουαζιερόπλοιων & Φορέων Ναυτιλίας.

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The world's newest cruise ship, the "Sky Princess", arrived at the port of Piraeus on Monday, with representatives of the Piraeus Port Authority presenting the vessel's master, Capt. Heikki Laakkonen, with a commemorative plaque and books for the onboard library.  

The Sky Princess has a length of 330 meters, and weighs 143K tons. The vessel, launched this month, can accommodate 3,660 passengers, and is considered a state-of-the-art cruise ship.

According to figures over the first nine months of the year, the cruise ship sector at the port of Piraeus increased by 14.6 percent, compared to 2018; 18.2 percent up in terms of home porting.

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