Average full-time monthly, daily wages in Greece for Feb. 2019 at 1,182, 51.28€, respectively

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 14:39
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The average daily wage and average monthly salary for wage-earners with full-time employment in the private sector for February 2019 reached 51.28 and 1,182.39 euros, respectively, according to primary social insurance fund (EFKA) in Greece.

The average daily rate was up by 1.12 percent from the same figure for February 2018, while up 1.38 percent on a monthly basis, compared to the same month in 2018.

In terms of part-time employment, which affects one in three wage-earners "on the books", the corresponding figures for February 2019 were 24.51 (daily) and 396.11 (monthly) euros, respectively.

The figures were collected from nearly 251,000 businesses, with 2.054 million wage-earners, of which nearly 35,000 were employed in the construction sector.

Males comprised 54.14 percent of the total, up to 57.28 percent in full employment status; women accounting for 54.95 percent of the total for part-time employment.

Some 22 percent of wage-earners are up to 29 years old, with 51.19 percent being up to the age of 39, and 69.67 percent aged between 25 and 49.

In terms of wage-earners registered on EFKA's records, 90.32 percent are Greek citizens; 1.48 percent from another EU country, and the rest third country nationals.

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