Catamaran-type ferry hired to solve lack of service for NE Aegean isle of Samothrace; wildifire reported

Monday, 12 August 2019 23:04
UPD:23:32 Alipasalis
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Lack of ferry boat service from the northeast Greece mainland to the island of Samothrace over the past few days was reportedly resolved on Monday, with the relevant shipping ministry promising that a ferry-catamaran, the "Andros Jet" will service the Alexandroupolis-Samothrace route, beginning on Wednesday.

A previous conventional ferry boat, the "Azores Express", had attempted and failed to dock in the island's small harbor on Monday, citing rough seas.

The route will be conducted three times a day, assuming no glitches arise.

Andros Jet can reach a speed of up 37 knots, and is able to carry 600 passengers and 75 cars.

Lack of a regular ferry service this month would prove catastrophic for the verdant island's tourism sector, with August the peak month. Samothrace lacks an airport.

Lack of ferry service coincided with eruption of a wildfire on the island late Monday evening.

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