Parga-area Valtos Beach one of the most popular mainland destinations on the Ionian Sea

Monday, 12 August 2019 12:45
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Of the best known beaches in northwest Greece, on the Ionian Sea, is picturesque Valtos, an annual "magnet"  for local residents and tourists from all corners of the world, given that numerous restaurants, cafes and beach bars surround the Parga-district site.

The historic Parga harbor town lies in the northwest corner of Preveza prefecture, built on the foothills of a medieval Venetian fortress.

The eponymous district is nearly 70 kilometers from the coastal city of Preveza, itself a popular resort, as well as 40 kilometers from Igoumenitsa, Greece's northeastern-most city and primary ferry link with Italy. The entire area comprises Greece's Epirus province, the most mountainous and remote part of the eastern Mediterranean country.

Across from Parga lie two of the Ionian Sea's island "gems", Paxos and small Antipaxos.

The islet of Panaghia is located just across from Parga's harbor, hosting a chapel and the remains of Venetian and even 18th century French defensive works.

Finally, Parga is only 15 kilometers from ruins of the Nekromanteion, the ancient temple of necromancy, once devoted to mythical Hades and Persephone. The ruins are found on the banks of the River Acherontas, which the ancient Greeks believed was the gateway to the underworld (Hades).

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