Study: Greek citizen works, on average, 180 days a year just to pay off taxes, social security contributions

Tuesday, 30 July 2019 19:25
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Active taxpayers in Greece need, on average, 180 days every year – nearly half the calendar – to earn the money necessary to pay off their obligations to the bloated Greek state, namely, income taxes, property taxes and social security contributions.

At the same time, the total sums paid for taxes and contributions are nearly double than expenditures for primary living necessities, such as housing, food, clothing and transport.

These conclusions were the highlights of the annual report presented by the Athens-based Center for Liberal Studies (KEFiM), which was unveiled on Monday on the occasion of “Tax Freedom Day”.

In Greece’s case, KEFiM’s research for 2019 placed “tax freedom tax” n the country on June 30.

According to the group, the budget target for 2019 is tax revenues of 78 billion euros, of which 31.4 billion euros will come from indirect taxes and 19.7 billion euros from direct taxes. Social security contributions will reach 26.4 billion euros.

Conversely, net disposal national income for 2019 is forecast to reach 158 billion euros.

The result for Greece is the fourth worst among EU countries, with Greek citizens in 2018 being the most dissatisfied amongst OECD member-states in terms of the tax burdens they must bear.

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