7-percentage point lead for ND over SYRIZA in Thurs. poll - elex on Sun.

Thursday, 23 May 2019 22:02
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Opinion polls are being released two-by-two this week in the run-up to Sunday's European Parliament election in Greece, with poll-leading New Democracy (ND) pointing to a referendum on the Tsipras government's continued mandate, but with the latter engaging in a "volte-face" from its position in 2014 - when it came in first in the Europarliament poll and then vociferously demanded snap elections.

The latest poll results on Thursday evening give center-right ND a 7-percentage point lead over hard left SYRIZA.

The poll was conducted by the Pulse firm and presented on the primetime newscast of Athens-based Skai television - among the most vocal media critics of the leftist government and Alexis Tsipras himself.

Specifically, ND is preferred by 31 percent of respondents to 24 percent for SYRIZA. True to all mainstream polls over the past two years, only three other parties are shown as exceeding the 3-percent threshold for representation. Only a nascent political formation, called "Greek (Hellenic) Solution", is shown close to the 3-percent mark. The latter is described as "national conservative", pro-Church and pro-Russia.

The level of the undecided vote reaches 7.5 percent.

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