Govt's coordinator for delayed Helleniko project promises all issues resolved by June, 'if all goes well'

Wednesday, 17 April 2019 17:04
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The Tsipras government's coordinator for the delay-plagued Helleniko privatization in coastal southeast Athens on Wednesday referred to certain " countermand conditions" linked to the massive size and scope of the real estate development project.

The nearly eight-billion-euro Helleniko privatization is billed as the biggest land redevelopment deal in Europe at the moment, while also considered as a "litmus test" for the current hard left government volition to push through creditor-mandated "prior actions" and to allay foreign investors' fears of obstacles to major investments in the country.

The official, Peti Perka, spoke to a radio station affiliated with the ruling party, SYRIZA.

Among others, she referred to 11 such "countermand conditions", with the first being modifications in the original concession contract.

On a brighter note, she noted that a resolution to all outstanding bureaucratic and legal issues "is expected in the first half of 2019, if all goes well."

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