Strange incident involving army NCO, NGO employee on Greek-Turkish border

Monday, 21 January 2019 12:02
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A Greek army NCO and a British national, identified as an employee of an unnamed NGO, were arrested on Sunday evening in a restricted military zone near the land border with Turkey, with police now investigating the incident.

According to initial reports, the pair was first seen taking photographs near a fence that demarcates a land border with Turkey, in the Orestiada district. Both men were dressed in civilian clothes and claimed they were "sightseeing".

The incident generated heightened attention after it was ascertained that the Greek national, a sergeant in the army, serves at a migrant/refugee "hotspot" in Imathia prefecture, in north-central Greece. The other man also works at a "hotspot".

Both men were referred to a local prosecutor, while the military was also notified.

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