Direct connection to Athens airport via metro line 3 restored after sharp criticism

Friday, 09 November 2018 17:23

A direct link with the Athens Airport via metro line 3 will resume on Saturday, after media reports pointed to numerous complaints by commuters and tourists, who since the beginning of the month had been obliged to change trains - often with luggage in tow - at the Plakentias station.

In a bid to deflect the criticism, the state-run company that oversees fixed rail mass transit in the greater Athens area (STASY) said the "redesign of routes after Nov. 1 aimed to rationalize the mass transports operation... but after taking into consideration the limited number of requests to abolish the connecting routes, it decided to ... restore the to the previous format."

STASY also denied that problems with rail cars or a shortage of spare parts was the behind the decision to stop direct routes to the airport via line 3.

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