Land registry chief: Some 170K properties of 'unknown owner' will revert to state ownership

Monday, 05 November 2018 12:38

The president of Greece's land registry, officially called the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A., this week said system now includes nearly 30 percent of property rights in the east Mediterranean country, one of the few in Europe still without a universal, unified and functional land registry.

In statements to the state-run news agency, Vyronas Nakos said another 60.8 percent of property rights are now being entered as cadastral data into the system.

Regarding the significant problem of properties with "unknown owners" in areas that have already competed the cadastral registration process, Nakas said the number exceeds 170,000. The framework calls for the properties to revert to the state's ownership once a finalization of the process is concluded in every region.

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