Third LNG tank at Revithousa facility ready next month, DES.FA sources

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 21:54

By K. Deligiannis

Construction of a third LNG tank on the islet of Revithousa, just off an industrial district on the mainland west of the port of Piraeus, is on schedule and will be completed in mid October, according to sources from within DES.FA, the natural gas transmission system operator in Greece.

Operation is set to commence in early November 2018.

The LNG facility on the tiny rock islet began operation in 1999, opening the way for the import of liquefied natural gas to the country via tanker vessels.

Construction of the third tank is part of a 156.25-million upgrade of the facility that began in 2014.

The new LNG tank has a capacity of 95K cubic meters, and will increase storage space by 225,000 cubic meters.

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