Greek tax authority to debut e-platform for AirBnB-type listing in next few days

Monday, 16 July 2018 20:11
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G. Kouros

Property owners engaged in short-term leasing of lodgings, the "AirBnb phenomenon", will reportedly come under the "taxman's" scrutiny in Greece over the coming period, with a new finance-ministry electronic platform finally set to come online.
The new e-platform will reportedly become operational the end of the week.

Owners leasing property in Greece on a short-term basis will be obligated to register via the e-platform, subsequently filing particulars of each lease contract they sign.

In fact, speaking on a radio station affiliated with the ruling party, Deputy Economic Minister Katerina Papanatsiou said taxpayers must also submit an aggregated balance sheet of all previous listings and total revenue received previously.

Individual listing of contracts and affiliated revenue will then commence.

What she didn't clarify is whether the back-dated listing of short-term leasings is obligatory for 2018, or even previous years.

Revenue from the leasing of real estate in Greece is taxed from between 15 to a whopping 45 percent, depending on the overall income of the taxpayer declaring the income, whereas of the property-related revenues exceeds 12,000 euros per year, then a so-called "special solidarity contribution" is levied on top of whatever other taxes.  

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