ND again tables amendment to allow Greek expats the right to vote in diplomatic missions

Thursday, 12 July 2018 13:24

Deputies with main opposition New Democracy (ND) party on Thursday tabled an amendment in Parliament that would, if ratified as law, allow Greek citizens living abroad to vote in their place of residence.

The initiative is third attempt since 2016 to extend the right to vote to registered Greek expatriates, similar to the election system in most European countries, where eligible voters cast their ballots in embassies and consulates. Eligible voters in this case means Greek citizens who are still registered on election rolls in the country.

"Our proposal emanates from the constitution; is legal and can be applied immediately in the next general election ... it's a fundamentally democracy proposal that the government has a national obligation to adopt, giving Greeks abroad the opportunity to vote, something that exists in the rest of the civilized world," a ND statement read.

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