Study: Greek households spent more than 3 bln€ for private education in 2015

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 11:39

Greek households' spending for dependents' education exceeds three billion euros per year, according to a study released this year by a research unit affiliated with the country's largest trade union umbrella group, GSEE.

The study is based on figures for 2015, which are the latest available.

According to the report, despite the fact that education in the country is public and free, as stipulated in the constitution, nevertheless many Greek parents spend significant amounts on tutorial schools, foreign language schools and lessons for everything from arts to computer programming. Households also spend liberally for dependents' education away from home, such as college students enrolled in out-of-town tertiary institutions.

Based on available figures compiled by the labor union-affiliated research unit, spending for private elementary and secondary schools tops the list, estimated at 792 million euros in 2015. Foreign language classes, at after-school institutes or by private tutors, are second, estimated at 621 million euros in 2015.

Finally, spending for offspring enrolled in out-of-town colleges and universities are estimated at 554 million euros.

Spending on tutorial services - either at ubiquitous after-school institutes found in most urban neighborhoods or by private home tutors mostly operating in a 'grey economy' setting - are calculated at 753 million euros for 2015.

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