Eurogroup's Centeno: Athens must take possession of reforms; decisions over debt relief, supervision pending

Thursday, 19 April 2018 23:18
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Eurogroup president Mario Centeno on Thursday reiterated that the current Greek government must take "possession" of the battery of reforms it has agreed to with creditors, something that should also prove resilient on the political level.

Centeno, who is attending the IMF's semi-annual spring meetings, spoke at the Atlantic Council in Washington D.C., where he also dismissed press reports this week claiming that creditors are discussing the possibility of extending the ongoing Greek adjustment memorandum.

He also said a decision for further debt relief towards Greece is pending, as well as the framework for supervision, by creditors, of the country after the third bailout ends in August.

In a later appearance on CNBC, Centeno said "we are in a good position to finalize the program with Greece ... there are a few issues on the table that relate to the debt relief measures ... we are working with all the institutions to reach an agreement, and my sense is that indeed we are much closer to close the gaps then we were before."

"We are in a good position to finalize the program with Greece," he said.

At the same time, he referred to a spectacular ability by the Tsipras government in implementing the program.

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