Notaries' association disputes claims by protestors that primary residences are up for auction

Wednesday, 14 March 2018 20:13

More protests, including skirmishes between protestors and riot police, greeted Wednesday's electronic auctions of foreclosed real estate in the greater Athens area, with a relevant notaries' association charging, afterwards, that opposing groups were intentionally distorting details for the up-for-auction properties.

Traditional auctions at Greece's local courts have been scrapped in favor of universal electronic auctions for properties around the country as of this month.

On Wednesday the notaries' association for the greater Athens area said four auctions of properties at a specific notary's office, which attracted most of the protests, were related to liens for business loans exceeding 200,000 euros - 800,000, 420,000, 222,000 και 225,000 euros, respectively.

The association also claimed that only one separate auction was scheduled for a property designated as a residence, in the working-class Korydallos district, which is not the primary residence of the debtor, who lives in the upscale seaside resort of Voula. Another three auctions, again according to the association, were for underground buildings and farm land, none of which are primary residences.

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