'N' con'f on private insurance held in Athens

Thursday, 08 March 2018 16:42

By S. Papapetros & S. Emmanuil

The social security system in thrice-bailed out Greece should be viewed as a serious economic problem whose solution demands a change in the way pensions and retirement benefits are calculated, and with any chosen model linked with a boost in the country's competitiveness and incentives, according conclusions and proposals aired at this week's "Naftemporiki" conference on private insurance.

Participants, including many of the top insurance sector executives in the country, also referred to the need for a "courageous" reduction in taxes and social security contributions that currently burden businesses, wage-earners and self-employed professionals in the recession-battered country.

Moreover, the potential benefits for the Greek economy from public-private sector partnerships in the health sector are calculated at generating an extra 3.5 to 4 percent GDP growth until 2030.

The second-annual such "N" conference, entitled "Private insurance: 4+1 Steps towards the future", was held on Tuesday at a downtown Athens hotel.

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