Grenade lobbed near east Athens police station on Mon.

Monday, 26 February 2018 13:25
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Unknown assailants made a half-hearted attempt to attack an east Athens area police precinct (Kesariani district) on Monday morning, lobbing a hand grenade some 30 meters away but injuring a passing cab driver in the process.

The incident wasn't initially reported by Greek police, but only revealed with a post several hours later on a notorious website favored by by local anti-state and self-styled anarchists groups to claim responsibility for various urban terror acts.

The incident, according to the claim posted on the website, comes in solidarity to a man, identified as Konstantinos Yiatzoglou, arrested on charges of sending a mail firebomb to former Greek prime minister Lucas Papademos. The latter was injured when the letter bomb ignited at his feet as he was sitting in the back seat of a armored-plated sedan.

The taxi driver in Monday's attack sustained shrapnel injuries to his legs.

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