Unemployment rate in Greece falls to 20.9% in Nov. 2017

Friday, 09 February 2018 19:46

Unemployment again fell in Greece during the last month surveyed, November 2017, now totaling 20.9 percent, down from 23.3 percent recorded in November 2016.

According to figures supplied by the Greek statistics authority, EL.STAT., the jobless figure remained the same with the previous month, October 2017.

The number of employed people in November 2017 increased by a little more than 94,000, compared with the same month last year. However, the number of employed persons in November 2017 was slightly down compared to October 2016, by 9,659.

All total, the number of employed people in Greece in November 2017 reached just more than 3.761 million, out of a population of 11 million - the biggest figure since the economic crisis began in 2009-10.