Ministry: 40.6% of pensioners in Greece receive up to 500€ in monthly benefits from primary social security

Friday, 09 February 2018 11:45

By S. Papapetros

Four out of 10 pensioners in Greece current receive less than 500 euros in monthly net primary social security payments, a number that translates into more than 1.158 million people in the country of roughly 11 million residents.

The figure does not calculate whatever extra monthly benefits are allocated by supplementary pension benefits, whch an individual may receive.

The figures, dealing with December 2017, were derived from a labor ministry-affiliated electronic system (Ilios) that monitors social security expenditures in the country, itself a memorandum-mandated obligation.

In a further mining of the figures, pensioners in the country between the ages of 56 and 65 receive the highest monthly social security benefits. The average monthly payment from primary pensions reached 722.26 euros, whereas the average monthly payment from supplementary or auxiliary pensions totaled 171.67 euros. The average monthly benefit in terms of dividend payments, by funds that foresee such an option (i.e. military-related funds) was 97.93 euros.

The average monthly social security payment for beneficiaries receiving primary and supplementary benefits reached 894 euros.

Furthermore, slightly more than 176,000 pensioners in the country, between the ages of 56 and 60, receive average monthly social security payments of 1,068.79 euros; 322,726 pensioners reached 1,129.13 euros.