Part-time, occasional work dominate new job spots created in Greece during Jan-Nov period

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 09:36
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By S. Papapetros

Figures released by the Greek labor ministry on Tuesday show a distinct increase in the number of employed people in the country over the Jan-Nov 2017 period, although the majority of the new job spots are part-time and rotational work.

In November 2017, for instance, of the newly created job spots, 58.05 percent were registered as part-time work.

According to specific figures collected by the ministry's Ergani system, four main conclusions can be drawn from the recession-battered Greek employment sector in the first 11 months of 2017, with the foremost result being the creation of roughly 128,000 new job spots over the specific period - the best performance in terms of the balance of monthly firings/hirings since 2001.

Another main conclusion is that "elastic" forms of employment characterize one out of every two new job spots (54.67 percent) created during the same period. Six out of 10 new jobs spots created in November 2017 are part-time or rotational work. Nearly 42 percent of the new hirings in November 2017 were for full-time work.

On the down side, nearly 40,000 jobs spots were lost last month, a development mostly attributed to the end of the tourism season in Greece, whereby seasonal businesses layoff staff.

Another conclusion drawn from the most recent employment figures in still bailout-dependent Greece is a continuing trend in terms of employers changing employees' work contracts from full-time to part-time and rotational work.

Specifically, 5,181 such contract changes were recorded last month, a figure judged as extremely high.

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