Notaries again consider 'no show' for property auctions; police 'spread thin' on Wed, minister says

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 16:11

Representatives of associations of notaries in the greater Athens area on Tuesday afternoon were debating whether to issue a decision preventing members from attending the next day's property auctions at the main local court (Eirinodikio) in the Greek capital.

Without notaries present, auctions of foreclosed properties cannot proceed, as similar mobilizations have plagued auctions in the country for the past few months.

The debate comes after a relevant public order minister in the country said law enforcement will be "spread thin" on Wednesday, one day before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to arrive in Athens for an official visit. Additionally, Dec. 6 marks the anniversary of a high school pupil's shooting by a police officer in the Greek capital. Widespread street violence and rioting broke out in Athens in December 2008, when the fatal shooting took place, with the anniversary witnessing sporadic rioting in subsequent years.

Various far-left political formations and "antifa-like" groups have repeatedly blocked property auctions in the country, regardless of the type of real estate or the level of debts involved.

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