Reports: Creditors, govt close to concluding negotiations over labor sector liberalization

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 21:03
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By S. Papapetros


Negotiations over labor sector reforms demanded by creditors are expected, if all goes according to plan, to conclude in the coming period with the tabling of an amendment in Parliament stipulating that future industrial actions in Greece will be taken only with a 50 percent + 1 vote by members of a first instance union.

Currently, a majority of union members attending a regular or extraordinary general assembly determined whether a strike would be called, following a recommendation by the union's leadership. Criticism of the current and soon-to-be revised regime was that small militant minorities determined industrial actions.

Institutional creditors, particularly the IMF, have pressed successive Greek government to liberalize the labor relations framework in the country.

Other pending issues, however, that are still on the negotiating table, include an agreement over a timetable to conclude a recalculation - usually downwards - of pensions in the country. Another issue involves an overhaul of the entire state welfare and benefits regime, also with an aim to trim state spending.

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