Fund eyes up to 250 mln€ investment for long-elusive seaplane network in Greece

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 21:01
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Petrichor Capital Partners this week announced that it is considering an investment of up to 250 million euros in Greece over the next two years in order to develop a seaplane network, especially towards islands without airports. The specific commercial prospect has for decades been on the "drawing board" and even tested on a pilot basis, only to stumble before bureaucratic hurdles and lack of a big enough transport capacity to ensure profitability.

A big chunk of the projected investment would go towards buying a fleet of seaplanes.

Nevertheless, the investment framework between Hellenic Seaplanes, a fledgling seaplane operator in Greece, and Capital Partners, necessitates incentives and certain "guarantees" by the government, especially in terms of developing a national seaplane/hydroplane network.

The investment "blueprint" calls for the purchase of up to 20 aircraft and no less than 110 seaside terminals: 50 small facilities, 50 medium ones and 10 major facilities, along with maintenance and refueling stations.

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