'Receipt lottery' to debut in Greece next month

Friday, 13 October 2017 20:20

The Greek state's "receipt lottery" will debut at the end of the month, with a 1,000-euro prize to be distributed to 1,000 receipt-holders that have made transactions with credit or debit cards.

A relevant law, which has been on the drawing boards for years, was signed by a relevant deputy finance ministry on Thursday.

The authority tasked with operating the lottery system is the e-government directorate within the independent public revenues authority - itself a memorandum-mandated "prior action".

The draw will be conducted electronically, according to the framework cited in the relevant law. All transactions will be included, including ones with a small monetary value.

Additionally, the 1,000 euros awarded will be tax free, and just as importantly, be safeguarded from confiscation or seizure orders.

The initiative is part of ongoing efforts to reduce massive tax evasion in the country.

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