Lamda Development says it's waiting for details from archaeological council decision over Helleniko site

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 20:24

Athens-based Lamda Development, the lead company in the international consortium that won the massive land development concession for the Helleniko site, on Wednesday issued a guarded reaction to a decision by a culture ministry-affiliated council to declare between 5 and 6 percent of the site as entailing an "archaeological interest".

Lamda Development said it was awaiting an official briefing and the exact contents of the Tuesday evening decision by the Central Archaeological Council (KAS), in order to calculate the repercussions on its already submitted master plan and business plan for the project.

Nevertheless, the company stated that the entire subject of uncovering and promoting whatever antiquities are discover during the construction at the one-time Athens airport was included from the beginning in the concession contract signed with the state. Preservation of antiquities and archaeological finds is also envisioned in Greek law as well as in a recent MoC signed by the consortium with the relevant culture ministry, a press release read.

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