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Arrest made in unprecendented theft of 4 safety deposit boxes in Athens bank

Greek police arrested a 58-year-old Athens man this week and charged him in the unprecedented break-in of four bank safety deposit boxes, an incident reminiscent of a Hollywood scenario.

The bank in question is in the northern Athens district of Halandri, and has so far remained unnamed in police and press reports, as has the exact loot taken in the heist, although initial speculation cited millions of euros worth of cash, jewelry and precious coins. The date of the heist is also calculated at having taken place on either October 20 or 21, 2020.

The man was remanded in custody on Friday after his arrest days earlier. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Authorities have reportedly relied on CCTV footage from inside the bank and DNA samples to make the arrest, although authorities haven’t made clear whether video footage is available from the space where the actual safe deposit boxes are located.

A suspect on video footage is seen on two occasions wearing a hat, face mask and disposal gloves, and carrying a mail bag.

According to Greek state television, the safety deposit boxes were opened with a simple screwdriver, while other reports claimed that a portion of the stolen loot was kept in a safe deposit box leased by the arrested man.