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Acropolis shines amid a winter wonderland backdrop in Athens this week

A harsh – by Greek standards – cold front may have caused power outages and closed roadways in parts of the country, yet it also provided an exceptional backdrop for many of Greece’s renowned monuments.

The storm, dubbed “Medea”, as per the trend of naming more severe weather fronts, blanketed much of mainland with snow, with the greater Athens area experiencing its worst snow storm since 2004.

One of the more prominent snow-covered images that circulated around the world was the Acropolis in central Athens, and especially the Parthenon Temple at its center, the quintessence of Classical Antiquity.

Among others, the Onassis Foundation posted on its Twitter account an image of a bright Acropolis amid a winter milieu, with the message “There is a light that never goes out”. The photograph was taken by Stavros Petropoulos of Alaska Films.