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GEK TERNA on track for strong and long-term value

GEK TERNA is a health company keeping its strategic positioning, the board of directors said during its presentation at the Institutional Investors Association.

“GEK TERNA is not only going through the best period in its fifty-year history, but it is in a position to achieve strong and long-term value,” the Group’s CEO, George Peristeris, said listing the factors that make the group a unique and ideal option for institutional investors.

According to the management’s estimates and based on the data, GEK TERNA aims to achieve a doubling of EBITDA, approaching 1 billion euros annually, within the next five years.

Referring to the comparative advantages of GEK TERNA, Manos Moustakas, general manager of Business Development, noted: “GEK TERNA is not just a group of individual activities. It is a meticulously designed, vertical and integrated system that produces independent results while also creating synergies in every aspect of our operations. This approach doesn’t just streamline our processes. It ensures that we can monitor, assess and control risk at each individual level of a project. It is an approach where each part of us complements the other, turning potential threats into opportunities, ultimately greatly reducing the overall risk of our investments.”