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2-billion-euro income support in 2024

Series of measures to be implemented at the beginning of the next year

The government is examining a series of measures to be implemented at the beginning of the next year to offset pressure from high energy and food prices and boost consumption.

1.    Increase in pensions: Τhe final amount will be determined by inflation and growth rates.

2. Public sector employees: It is estimated that increases surpassing 800 million euros in the gross salaries of public sector employees will be implemented by December.

3. Increase in minimum wage: The process for an increase in the minimum wage will start in 2024 and will be completed in May with the recommendation of the Labor Minister. Based on the financial data so far, it is estimated that the new minimum wage will be about 810 euros.

4. Minimum guaranteed income: In addition to the change in the method of payment of the minimum guaranteed income, the total amount will be increased by 8% as of early 2024.

5. Higher tax free threshold for families with children:  For parents with one child the annual benefit will be 90 euros, while for parents with two or more children 220 euros.

6. Reduction of deductions for working pensioners: Another measure that will lead to an increase in net earnings for about 40,000-50,000 taxpayers.