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Mitsotakis to announce planned measures to protect forests


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday that the government will announce specific steps as regards the policy for forests following the recent fires throughout Greece.

In his statements from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Prime Minister referred to the removal of combustible fuel from forests. As far as Attica is concerned, he spoke of regulations to reallocate resources and proceed with preventive policies.

He underlined that it is a national battle that we must win with bold steps. He reiterated that the absolute priority is the protection of human life, while he noted that the recording of damages has already begun, with the mechanism moving faster compared to the past.

More specifically, he stressed that the work of recording and compensating people for damage caused by the wildfires will get underway immediately.

Mitsotakis reiterated that, as the experts have warned, we are facing extreme weather phenomena. Therefore, he stressed the importance of vigilance, adding that the difficult times are not over yet.

Regarding energy issues, he said that Greece can play a leading role in green transition. As he pointed out, there will be an environmental benefit as well as lower energy prices.

“Our concern remains the proper functioning of the market,” he noted and added that “citizens know that the government stood by their side.” He also stated that specific announcements will be made at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).