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Mitsotakis in Latvia: Migration a European problem – Sweden’s rapid accession to NATO

Alexandros Michailidis / European Council / SOOC

Greece and Latvia hope for Sweden’s quick accession to NATO, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Monday, following his meeting with Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš.

The Greek prime minister underlined that “there is no prosperity without security and freedom” and referred to the need to continue supporting Ukraine against the Russian invasion, a topic that will of course be discussed at the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius.

Although we are facing different challenges in terms of migration, both countries agree on the need to effectively guard the EU’s external borders, Mitsotakis said and added that this is certainly not the only issue that must be addressed as a whole seeking a European formula of common acceptance and understanding.

“Migration,” he said, “is an issue that concerns the EU as a whole and it is unfair for countries like Greece to assume alone the burden of guarding the gateways like that of the Mediterranean or to be accused of not saving lives, when every day their authorities fight this battle at sea against traffickers who are responsible for every tragedy.”