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Gains and losses of the parties compared to May and 2019 elections


New Democracy gathered 40.55% (with 99.64% votes counted), recording a landslide victory but also a marginal decrease in its percentage compared to the polls of May 21, when it had 40.79%. In the July 2019 elections, the party had 39.85%.
Therefore, New Democracy won 18 more seats in the parliament compared to the previous elections, rising to 158.

SYRIZA’s percentage decreased by 2.23% compared to the May elections and shrank by 13.7% compared to July 2019. In particular, the party gathered 17.84% compared to 20.07% in May and 31.53% in the 2019 elections.
In terms of seats in Parliament, the party lost 23 seats and now has 48 seats, compared to 71 in May and 86 in the 2019 polls.

PASOK-Movement for Change is strengthened in these elections, gathering 11.85% compared to 11.46% in the previous elections and 8.10% in the 2019 elections. PASOK-Movement for Change has 32 seats in parliament.
Communist party KKE won 7.69%, compared to 7.23% in May and 5.30% in the 2019 polls, with 20 seats in the new Parliament (compared to 26 in May and 15 in the 2019 elections).

Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) gained 4.44% of the vote compared to 4.45% in May and 3.70% in July 2019. The party of Kyriakos Velopoulos elected 4 deputies less than in May. Specifically, it elected 12 deputies compared to 16 in May and 10 in July 2019.