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OTE: Gradual integration of Deutsche Telekom’s ‘T’ brand


OTE Group will maintain investments at a high level, Michael Tsamaz, Chairman & CEO, said at the company’s annual general meeting, adding that the company is proceeding with the gradual integration of Deutsche Telekom’s “T” brand into the Group’s communication.

As he said, “we are a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group, one of the leading telecommunications groups worldwide, with the No. 1 brand in Europe, the ‘T’ brand. The time has come to capitalize on this brand by gradually incorporating the ‘T’ mark into our communications. By leveraging the power of the Cosmote brand in the domestic market and a brand recognized by millions of people worldwide, we will further strengthen our position.”

According to Tsamaz, “the Group’s excellent performance in all sectors is the key factor that differentiates it in the market. But as competition intensifies, we must not rest. That is why we will maintain our investments at a high level, and continue to implement a clear strategy.”