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Fourth dose inoculation appointments will become available online for immunosuppressed people on Thursday, January 20, Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistocleous at a regular live briefing on Monday evening.

Concerning children’s vaccination, the health official said that residents in 26 of the country’s smallest islands (approximately 1,000 inhabitants) can book inoculation appointments for their children in specific dates on a special online platform, and that children’s vaccination is already underway in islands with fewer than 1000 inhabitants.

Over 7,625,000 citizens have received at least one shot – this corresponds to 82.6 pct of the adult population (72.6% of the general one), Themistocleous said.

Speaking at the same briefing, National Vaccination Committee chair Maria Theodoridou said that vaccination protects both a mother and her baby during pregnancy, citing the latest findings by international studies.

Cellular immunity in children is twice that of adults, she noted, as antibodies in children remain effective for more than six months, adding that this may justify the existence of a mild infection in the upper and not in the lower respiratory system of children.

Source: ANA-MPA