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Mitsotakis to Corriere della Sera: Int’l investors showing that political risk in Greece eliminated

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis this week again burnished his pro-business credentials to a foreign media outlet, telling Italy’s mass daily “Corriere della Sera” that international investors now appear to believe that there is no political risk entailed with investing in the thrice bailed-out country.

Mitsotakis pointed to the continuing decrease in the yield of Greek state bonds, especially the benchmark 10-year bond, which dropped even below the Italian 10-year bonds.

His interview comes on the occasion of his official visit to Rome on Tuesday and a meeting with Italian counterpart Giuseppe Conte.

He also repeated that his government wants to reduce the level of creditor-mandated annual primary budget surpluses that the Greek state must field until 2021, saying an easing of the fiscal target will free up some two billion euros in “fiscal space”.

Asked about the resurgent migrant crisis faced by Greece on its eastern border with Turkey, Mitsotakis called on Europe to “stop hiding its head in the sand … pretending that the problem is solely a Greek one, an Italian one or a Spanish problem, or, in other words, affecting only the countries of first reception.”

As such, the center-right Greek prime minister said the EU should proceed with an immediate revision of the Dublin accord towards sharing the burden.